quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

Slovenia - Bled Lake

The Bled Lake.

Sender: Petra Ratajc

Slovenia - Triglav , Julijske Alpe

The harmonious summit pyramid of Triglav.

Sender: Petra Ratajc

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour from Lugard Road.This is rightly considered to be one of the most exciting night views in the world.

Sender: Starry

Namibia - Small Animals of Namibia

Various small animals of Namibia.

Sender: Elizabeth Peteiser

Namibia - The Ovahimbas

Scenes of Namibia. The Ovahimbas live in the northwestern part of Namibia(Kaokoveld).

Sender: Elizabeth Peteiser

United States of America - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Sunrise over the City of Angels.

Sender: Erica Battaglieri

Australia - Rushcutters Bay, Sidney

Sidney from Rushcutters Bay.

Sender: Jacqueline

Portugal - Santa Eulália Beach, Albufeira

Santa Eulália Beach, Albufeira, Algarve,Portugal.

Sender: Pedro M Ferreira

Tobago - Store Bay

Store Bay, Tobago.

Sender: Ria Gomez Bain

Morocco - Folklore Ahwach

Folklore Ahwach, Marque déposée.

Sender: Elasri Abd-Essamad

Morocco - Tanger Camels

Tanger Camels, Morocco.

Sender: Elasri Abd-Essamad

France - Châteaux , Quéribus et Peyrepertuse

Châteaux de Puylaurens, Quéribus et Peyrepertuse.

Sender: Maria Thérèse Richter

France - Marseille

Le Carrefour du Monde, Marseille, L'entrée du Fort et le Fort Saint-Jean.

Sender: Marie Thérése Richter

Azores Island - Angra do Heroismo e Monte Brasil

Angra do Heroismo e Monte Brasil, Terceira, Azores.

Sender: Maria Cristina

Azores Island - Vitoria Beach in Terceira Island

Vitoria Beach, panoramic view. Terceira Island, Portugal.

Sender: Maria Cristina

Bolivia - Cristo Redentor

El Cristo Redentor.

Sender: Roxana Suarez

Bolivia - Fiesta Altiplano

Fiesta Altiplano, Bolivia.

Sender: Roxana Suarez

Nigeria - Dancers

The Dancers.

Sender: Daniel Obizawa

New Zealand - Viaduct Basin

Viaduct Basin, This area of Central Auckland's  waterfront  has been transformed to accommodate teams and racing yachts from all parts of the globe to compete in the world's greatest yachting    challenge ,the America's Cup.

Sender: Joyce Maria

Panama - Queen Elizabeth II at the Panama Canal Locks

Queen Elizabeth II at the Panama Canal Locks.

Sender: Gloriela Miranda

Panama - Valle Escondido

Valle escondido, Boquete,Chiriqui.

Sender: Gloriela Miranda

Panama - Trajes Tipicos

Pollera  y Montuno, Trajes Tipicos.

Sender: Gloriela Miranda

Greece - Kos , Kefalos

Kos,Kefalos, Greece.

Sender: Theocharis Spiros

Greece - Santorini

Santorini churches, Greece.

Sender: Theocharis Spiros

Creta Island(Greece - Sitia Bay

Sitia Bay, Crete, from the East.

Sender: Theocharis Spiros

Suriname - Independence 30 years

Independence 30 years.

Sender: Sherewin Hidalgo 

Suriname - Bridge

Bridge across  the Surinam river.

Sender: Sherwin Hidalgo

sábado, 5 de novembro de 2011

Madeira Island - Funchal Bay

Baia do Funchal ao Norte.

Sender: Sofia Santos

Madeira Island - Funchal

Imagens de Funchal.
1.Casa tipica de Santana. 2.Jardim Botânico 3.Norte da Ilha 4. Caminho do Cesto 5.Bolo de mel e vinho da Madeira. 6. Paisagem do Pico .

Sender: Sofia Santos

Madeira Island - Funchal

Funchal (Madeira) Teleferico .Descida Caminho do Cesto.

Sender: Sofia Santos

Madeira Island - Ponta São Lourenço

Costa Norte da Ilha, Ponta de São Lourenço. Madeira.

Sender: Sofia Santos

US Virgin Islands - Saint Croix

US Virgin Islands, Saint Croix.

Sender: Felesha Thomas