quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

Arctic (North Pole )- Wolf

Arctic Wolf, North Pole,

Sender; Victoria

Arctic (North Pole ) Polar Bear

White Polar Bear, North Pole,Arctic

Sender: Victoria

Aleutian Islands (Unalaska) - Fox

Foxes were brought to the Aleutian Islands by the Russians during their occupation of Alaska .

Sender: Victoria

Aleutian Islands (Unalaska) - Harlequin Duck

Male Harlenquin Duck in Captain's Bay of Unalaska Island.

Sender: Victoria

Alaska - City of Unalaska

This overview of the City Unalaska on Unalaska Island, was taken from the end of the eastern valley.

Sender; Victoria

Alaska - Nunivak Island

Women of Nunivak Island,adorned with beaded earrings, necklaces, nose rings and labrets below their lower lip.

Sender: Victoria

Alaska - San Dunes

Sand Dunes on Nunivak Island.Alaska

Sender: Victoria

Alaska - Fairbanks

Northern Shoveler, Fairbanks.

Sender: Victoria

Brazil - Rondônia

Images of Rondônia State.

Sender: Myself

Hungary - Budapest , night(images)

Images of the night in Budapest.

Sender: Leona Darányi

Hungary - Heroes square

Heroes Square, Budapest.

Sender: Leona Darányi

Hungary -


Sender: Leona Darányi

Brazil - Parana, Curitiba - Ópera de Arame

Ópera de Arame, Parana State, Curitiba city.

Sender: Myself

Liechtenstein - Schloss Vaduz - Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle - Coat of arms.Principality of Liechtenstein.

Sender: Bini

United States - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Wildlife.
(Top left, clockwise) Chipmunk: Deer in Velvet: Raccoons: Red Fox: Black Bear.

Sender: Vera Kramarchuk

Fiji Islands - Native Fijians

Images of Fijian Natives circa early 1800's

Sender: Timoci Liveni

Fiji Islands - Navala Village

Navala Village, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands.The traditional village.

Sender: Timoci Liveni

Fiji Islands - Yaqona ceremony

The Yaqona Ceremony, pronounced "Yangona" and also referred to as Kava, this ceremonial drink is made from teh crushed root of a plant of the same name. An integral part of Fijian life, yaqona is drunk at any gathering of friends or business acquaintances.

Sender: Timoci Liveni

Japan - Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto

Kiyomizudera was founded in 780 at the request of Sakanoue-no-Tamuramaro. The main hall of this temple, built in 1633, is famed mainly for its wide wooden veranda in front, protruding over a steep cliff, from which a panoramic view of the city can be seen.

Sender: kaoru Kureha

Japan - a homemade

Postcard a home made

Sender: Kaoru Kureha

Denmark - Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Helsingor

Sender: Melanie Mones

Denmark - Horse Carriages

Horse carriages in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen.

Sender: Melanie Mones

Antarctica (Chile) - Geleira 2

Geleira. Ice Sea

Sender: Jessica Muñoz

Antarctica (Chile) - Geleiras


Sender: Jessica Muñoz

Antarctica (Chile) - Focas Cangrejeras

Focas cangrejeras (Lobodon carcinophagus)

Sender: Jessica Muñoz

Antarctica (Chile) - Montes Ellsworth

Expedición cientifica en los Montes Ellsworth, Antarctica.

Sender: Jessica Muñoz

France - Bassin D'Arcachon

Bassin D'Arcachon (Gironde).

Sender: Ketty Gomila

Canada - Jorstadt Castle

Jorstadt Castle is a familiar landmark in the 1000 islands region.

Sender: Marilyn Vandervelde

Canada - Brockville

Blockhouse Island - Brockville, Ontário.

Sender: Marilyn Vandervelde

Canada - Island Queen

The Island Queen offers cruises around the scenic 1000 islands.

Sender: Marilyn Vandervelde

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Le Cape Percé

Le Cap Percé. Cape Percé .

Sender: Laurence Poirier

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Phoques

Les phoques du Goulet.

Sender: Laurence Poirier

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Orchidée Cypripedium

Orchidée Cypripedium. Fleur.

Sender: Laurence Poirier

Saint Pierre and Miquelon -

Les Grands Bancs, les Graviers.

Sender; Laurence Poirier

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Géométrie Marine

Géométrie marine.

Sender: Laurence Poirier

Dominica - Trafagar Falls

See nature in its diversity and splendour and experience the beauty of the island. Trafagar Falls.

Sender: Joseph Kivernie

Philippines - Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago , the heart of Intramuros, the walled city of Manila, Philippines. (Clockwise), the gate , Manila Cathedral, and the restored administration building housing the memorabilia of Dr. Jose Rizal , the national hero.

Sender: Rea Romero

Philippines - Puka Beach

Puka Beach, Boracay, Philippines.

Sender; Rea  Romero