sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Cayman Islands - A Cayman Parrot

A Cayman Parrot, The Cayman parrot is the national bird fo the Cayman Islands: laws also protects it from being poached.

Sender: Ingrid

Cayman Islands - Sunset in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Sunset.

Sender: Ingrid

Cayman Islands - Smith's Barcadere

Smith's Barcadere, favourite swimming-hole for residents. Clear, clean Caribbean water and sand protected by strong rugged ironshore.Grand
Cayman BWI.
Sender: Ingrid

Puerto Rico - San Juan - La Rogativa

La Rogativa and aerial view of old San Juan and the executive Mansion.

Sender: Luis R Colon

French Guyana - Scenes

Scenes of the People and customs.

Sender: Francisco Barros

French Guyana - Kourou

Kourou, Health Islands.
Kourou, Les iles du salut.

Sender: Francisco Barros

Singapore - Thian Hock keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple, the oldest temple in Singapore.

Sender: Siti Fujiana Lane

Singapore - Sceneries of Singapore

Beautiful sceneries of Singapores. Park, buildings and The Merlion.

Sender: Siti Fujiana Lane

Singapore - The Merlion

Singapore's most famous symbol, part fish, part lion, The Merlion.

Sender: Siti Fujiana Lane

Solomon Islands - Image

View of Solomon Islands.

Sender: Ben Trafela

Solomon Islands - East Rennel

East Rennell, Solomon Islands.Largest raised coral atll in the world.

Sender: Ben Trafela

Brazil - Santa Catarina - Treze Tílias

Treze Tílias. Dreizehnlinden - Brasil.
1-4     1.City    4- Building
  2             2. Gate of City
3-5     3-Frozza fall   5-Shaupenlehner lake

Sender: Inga

Saint Lucia - National Bird

National Bird. Saint Lucia parrot foun only in St Lucia, 10 years ago, this parrot was almost extinct. Today, the "pride" of this Nation can be seen once more flying  freely in our skies.

Sender: Simonthia Jay

Saint Lucia - Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs - St Lucia

Sender: Simonthia Jay

Albania - Berat - Ura e Goricës

Berat, Albania. Ura e Goricës

Sender: Arthur Shehu

Albania - Berat - Kisha e Shën Mëhillit

Berat Albania. Kisha e Shën Mëhillit.

Sender: Arthur Shehu

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - Flag

Flag of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Sender: Ali Kamil

Turkey - Adana

Adana (mosque,fountains,Adana city,boulevard in the centre,old barrage and garden).

Sender: Ali Kamil

Argentina - Bahia Blanca - La Ciudad

Bahia Blanca, panoramic viwe of the city.
Vista panoramica de la ciudad.

Sender: Roberto Sayago

Argentina - Bahia Blanca - Plaza del Sol

Bahia Blanca, view of the Sun Square.
Vista de la Plaza del Sol.

Sender; Emilio Sayago

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Costa Rica - Red eyed Frog

Red eyed Frog tree.

Sender: Leda Guevara

Costa Rica - Symbols

Guaria Morada, National flower.
Yiguirro Pajaro, National Bird.
Arbol de Guanacaste, National Tree
Bandera y escudo de Costa Rica, Flag and the arms of Costa Rica.

Sender: Leda Guevara

Costa Rica - Flamingo Beach - Guanacaste

Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste.

Sender: Leda Guevara

Uzbekistan - Khiva

Khiva , The Golden City- Uzbekistan

Sender: Yuliya

American Samoa - Fire Knife Dance

Fire Knife Dance

Sender: Tinze H

American Samoa - Samoan Fishing & Coconut Point

Samoan Fishing and Coconut Point.

Sender: Tinze H

American Samoa - Fautasi Boat

Fautasi Boat.

Sender: Tinze H

American Samoa -

American Samoa Harbor.

Sender: Tinze H.

San Marino - Second Tower

Second Tower.

Sender: Paola Monicelli

San Marino - Square of the Freedom - The Armies

Square of the Freedom - The armies.

Sender: Paola Monicelli

Brazil - Brazilian Atlantic Islands

Brazilian Atlantic Islands: Fernando de Noronha and Atol das Rocas Reserves.
peaks of the Southern Atlantic submarine ridge.

Sender: Myself

terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

Argentina - Buenos Aires

View of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sender: Nadia Szymanski

Brazil - Ceará - Fortaleza , Mucuripe

Images of Mucuripe.

Sender: Adriana Sousa

Japan - Aquarium

Toba Aquarium, Japan

Sender: Akira

Uruguay - Punta del Este

Punta Del Este , Uruguay.

Sender: Julia Terra

New Caledonia - Koné

Koné, entrance to the Northern Province

Sender: Christophe

Uganda - Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs, Uganda

Sender: Isaac Mbabazi

France - Pyramide of Louvre

The Pyramide of Louvre, night.

Sender: Aurelie Arias